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cone 06 glaze colors

updated sun 11 nov 01


Stephani Stephenson on sat 10 nov 01

Sheryl wrote:
" We have shelves of Duncan, Amaco and some glazes I don't
recognize. ..... The problem is we don't have color charts of them.
Sheryl in Wyoming; lost in a maze of glaze

One option would be to combine the similarly colored glazes ,
especially if they are all in those small jars..
I did that when I inherited many half full small jars of underglazes
which I use for at-school kids classes.

What I did was combine all the jars of similarly colored underglazes
together in one larger container. Then I did the same thing for
For example all the purple, lavender, amethyst, lilac etc, all together.
Test the results, then rename it ,"Purple passion scrap" or something,
with the test tile on top.
Same with the greens, yellows, browns, etc.

Also I mixed all the variations of clear and white together.
some of the specialty glazes I kept separate ,but life was much less
complicated by consolidating all the outdated stuff..
The results were some decent looking commercial 'scrap' underglazes and

P.S> I also did not put lead bearing glazes in these scraps..

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA