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crystal glaze firing with oil drum kiln

updated tue 13 nov 01


Yann Ferric on mon 12 nov 01

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the help and advice, I can't wait to recieve the next
digest tomorrow morning, hehe. The idea of propping a kiln shelf with some
insulation just under the flue of my oildrum kiln to keep the heat from
escaping at that point is really cool, or should that be 'hot'. I have used
an extra brick with a flue slot cut in it until now(placed over the flue to
extend it a bit), and had a square of metal with the underside covered in
fibre positioned a few inches above the flue. The kiln shelf idea sounds
like it will be alot better. I have a picture of it at the address below,
although it has aged alot over the years and needs some TLC :P (a good
wire-brushing to get some rust off, and ideally some new ceramic fibre
lining), but it still works! It looks like a 'Wallace and Grommit'
contraption and is called 'Pop Rivet Matilda' :D

I love crystals, and buy them whenever I can, and have had an affinity with
them from a young age. To me they have a life of their own, even a
personality. Firing glazes in which they grow 'overnight' is pretty magical!
No doubt I will be spending alot of my time in this endeavour. Is obsessed
too strong a word? Probably not, lol. :) Hope I see some nice crystals come
out of the kiln during the coming year:D When I manage to make some
progress(still a bit green,lol), I will post a link to some pictures of my
results, it may be a while though!

love and light


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