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fw: your bonsai exhibition

updated sat 10 nov 01


Anthony Ferguson on fri 9 nov 01

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From: Anthony Ferguson=20
Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2001 6:29 PM
Subject: Your exhibition

Your competition has been of much discussion on our list. Perhaps you =
will consider reducing your entry fee of $75 in the future to something =
more manageable like $20--$25. I believe you would receive MANY more =
entries from artists in clay. Many of us enter national juried art =
exhibitions and art fairs that offer equal or greater prestige and =
prizes. You see, we tend to feel taken advantage of by organizers who =
we perceive as over-charging because many of us also curate, organize, =
and facilitate such competitions and shows and know the costs involved, =
generally. It especially aggravates us when we are told "they" are in =
support of the arts and the artist. We tend to put our time and money in =
other directions, hopefully furthering the reputation and quality of =
work involving that exhibition or competition. I believe that many of =
would be entering into your competition if it were not for the fee you =
ask. I hope this is of some value to your future planning.


Tony Ferguson
Shino & Ash Clay Art, Porcelain, Raku, Stoneware