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multiple responses...kiln temp..woodfire slip....

updated mon 12 nov 01


Karen Sullivan on sat 10 nov 01

I think I am back, although I am having trouble with the
system of posts to receive from clayart....
there are three or four possible digest formats, and I've tried three....
Not workable...problem is I am working too hard, and there is not
enough time to wade through stuff....I have been lurking on escribe,
but have felt hindered by not being able to post.

So on to other things...I fire my kiln to cone 11 at the 3 o'clock position,
though have gone as high as cone 12. Seems that the hotter I fire the
better my glazes look.

Regarding flashing slip for woodfire,
how about helmar kaolin 85%/ nepheline syneite 15%
I have used it as a thin wash on porcelain in my charcoal firings
and get an amazing range of color that is grey to pink with flashes
of orange.
The 85/15 or 80/20 seem to be standard ratios for shino, or slip.

Just a note, I spent the day today watching the Onngi workshop at
the Peter Callis site. It was a worthwhile process. It's an impressive

bamboo karen