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nceca 2001 conference

updated sun 11 nov 01


Bill Edwards on fri 9 nov 01


In response to several questions pertaining to the
Yes, according to my source at NCECA they are rooms
still available based on a phone call made 11/09/01
@9:30a.m. The hotels are connected together and will
serve jointly as host for the event.

walkway. The remainder of the events are spread
equally between both hotels, and they are both hosting
this conference.

NCECA web site is a great starting place for
information. Also information can be obtained by
calling direct. I will also be happy to run between
the two and dig out any information I can as the
conference moves into its opening day in 2002. Since
they are more than 4000 people attending this huge
event it is neccessary to have conventions such as
this where motels can meet the requirements of such a
huge group of people. There are rooms still available!

Once rooms are exhausted then I will be happy to help
anyone I can find accomadations in the surrouding
area. I am also sure that NCECA will be posting
up-dates on the web site as well.

I don't pretend to know all they are to know about
this conference but I did major in hospitality
management at one time prior to my latest career and
the block rates appear to have been a good choice.
Great motels with services for over 4000 attendee's
are hard to come by. Registration, exhibit hall and
demo's will be in the Hyatt. They will be more stuff
to do than most people can possibly take in, but its
worth trying. :)
William Edwards

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