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slip sluffing and how!

updated sun 11 nov 01


Megan Ratchford on sat 10 nov 01

Thank you for the ideas! =20

Diane wrote:
"I think I'd
first try is taking a small batch of the slip you now have at studio A =
studio B and use it there - and vice versa"
Done so, which begs the question of why I just don't make my slip at one =
studio and lug a batch down to the second studio? Well, probably =
because I'm a stubborn kinda girl who doesn't think four days in =
advance, "Hmmm, well, on Saturday I wanna throw a huge batch of mugs, =
maybe I should bring some of the trouble free slip with me today?" =
Also, this has been happening for a year with five different slip =
recipes. One studio is fine, the other, well, the pots look like they =
have dandruff after drying a couple days.
I will also check every chemical as Bonnie suggested. But the slip =
is just EPK, Om-4 ball, neph syn, flint, and borax. Which should be =
consistent from one studio to the other, but I will double check =
everything. Thanks for the common sense advice! I tend to ignore the =
obvious in favor of the dramatic. (double grin)