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ceramics in london, tokyo and hong kong

updated fri 16 nov 01


GRALNIK,RICHARD (HP-USA,ex3) on wed 14 nov 01

Hello Clayart,

I was active on this list until a couple years ago (hello to any
old timers who are still around), but the realities of work and
family have reduced the time I have to play on the net.

That said, I am leaving tomorrow on a LONG (6 week) around the
world business trip that will give me some personal time in
London (2 days), Tokyo (4 days) and Hong Kong (2 days). I would
be very interested in any information any of you can offer on
ceramics in those three cities. I would love to visit any potters
or potteries in these cities, or if you know of any good exhibits
to see or web sites with helpful information, I would appreciate it.

I am pretty familiar with London from previous visits, but I've
never been to Tokyo or Hong Kong, and I only speak English and
Spanish, so please send me as complete information as possible
on those cities.

If you would please email me directly it will help because I
will have limited internet access while I'm traveling and won't
be able to monitor the clayart list for responses.

Thank you in advance for any advice or information you can offer.

Richard Gralnik

terryh on thu 15 nov 01

Long time no hear. I don=92t remember if you were at HP.
Anyway, here is my suggestion for Tokyo:
1. National Museum in Ueno Park, Ueno.
There are many ways to get there via JNR or metro lines,
depending where you stay.
2. Visit =93home furnishing=94 floor (generally 5th or 6th floor)
of any department stores near you. There are many in each
district. You=92ll enjoy ceramics and lacquer wares there.
Some store may have ceramic exhibitions in their art gallery.
Visit Takashima-ya and Mitsukoshi department store if you are
in Gisza district.
2=B0. When you are in any of the department stores, visit also the basement
=93food market=94. You=92ll enjoy the sight as well as the smell and taste.
3. Tsukiji Fish Market
via metro Tsukiji station. Not only lively sea food benders/shops,
as well as many (some are extremely economical) good restaurants,
particularly of sushi, there are several kitchen-ware benders/shops.
There, you may find many interesting kitchen tools you may want to
use to play with clay.

I can talk about food market in HK. Sorry, know nothing
about ceramics there.
Hope you can have some time to fly to Taipei, Taiwan.
The Palace Museum there has great ceramic collections.
Terry Hagiwara