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unsual tools in a pottery studio

updated thu 15 nov 01


Gesine Rodger on tue 13 nov 01

I have a rigatoni rolling pin which I use to impress nice squares into =
some of my slab pieces and junky brooches and old jewellery I have =
collected to impress borders with.

I have a star screwdriver which I use to make my snake eyes with (starry =
eyes) I also have jars of noodles, fennel seeds, cat kibble, a wire =
coil, plastic onion bags, nicely textured patches of fabric, about 60 =
cloth napkins for separating my slab pieces in various wooden and glass =
bowls and a whole bunch of other stuff I occasional borrow from my =
kitchen and the garden. =20

I used to have apple juice cans and tomato cans to use as separators for =
my 7 foot boards. That way I could put my freshly thrown pots on them =
and it would not take too much room. Sometimes I had 6 or 7 board-high =
stacks balanced on 2 kitchen chairs. When the cans were used up I would =
use books. I could also throw the plastic over the boards easily held =
together from the bottom with cloth pegs. =20
THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. I now have a baker's rack and fight with =
the plastic to get it thrown over the top. I wish I had more space. May =
be the next house. =20

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