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(slightly o.t.)re: unusual tools in a pottery studio/story

updated sun 18 nov 01


Roger Korn on fri 16 nov 01


What a great, human story! Have you ever considered writing more about your life
and experiences? There's a book in there somewhere and people WILL read it.

Roger Korn (who writes for money and pots for love)
McKay Creek Ceramics
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Alisa og Claus Clausen wrote:

> Marcia and I now have two things in common. Clay and condoms. Three when I
> get to her workshop. Condoms, I never used them...nothing really on my
> body that fit them too well, but I gave away 1000's. When I was a
> technical secretary for ship Captains and Chief Engineers, I was auntie
> condom. We used to visit a lot of ports and the boys were going to visit
> the bordellos with or without. The ship's doctor and my chief agreed it was
> better with. When we were in Pataya or other areas that were very open for
> paid sex, all the uncles in my department would leave the ship with max. 6
> per uncle. Because, we found out that they were selling them ashore if
> they had more (These were ports we stayed in 2 nights, do your own
> math). Not the meaning of the exercise. When part of a big family like a
> ship's company, one must stay open despite of one's own practices. I was
> married early into my ship career. Made things pretty easy for me, the
> only female in Deck and Engine. Great times. Learn to roll with those guys.
> Best regards, Alisa
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Alisa og Claus Clausen on sat 17 nov 01

Dear Roger,
Thanks for the positive reinforcement to my black sheep life! My sisters
being a doctor and a lawyer (one fluent in Japanese) and my brothers, both
businessmen genial, I thought my family really needed a black sheep. So I
was really generous to them. I became a potter and threw in the side
career as a seaman...

I like to write very much in fact, but for now it was one article written
for Ceramics Technical and the rest is a very thick library of diaries!

When and if I get the laptop I am wishing for I just might get to the
keybord more often. We all have stories to tell!

Back to the studio for now,
best regards, Alisa