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on theory of refiring iron reds to ^06

updated sun 18 nov 01


C TRIPP on sat 17 nov 01

Good Morning,
I was wondering why some iron reds fired to ^6 are brown but turn reddish
when refired to ^06. I vaguely remember it having something to do with
passing through the 700-900C range again but why that helps escapes me.

I've refired to ^06 and it works but having just read Hank Murrow's Sept CM
Shino article where he stops and soaks during the cool down to attain the
"fire color", I wondered if the same thing might be achieved in an electric
kiln with iron reds. Perhaps firing down to say, 1000C, soaking for four
hours and then doing a slow slow cool of 25C/hour until 700C and then
letting the kiln cool itself. I confess I am looking to skip the refire to
^06 step.

Yes, I know, try it and see but I would be thankful for a bit of guidance
before leaping. And what about non iron reds in that sort of firing?

Thanks very much for any help.

Best regards,

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