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academic art and three s's

updated mon 19 nov 01


vince pitelka on sun 18 nov 01

John -
First of all, academic art training takes place in a school or academy. You
can't really stretch the meaning beyond that.

> What raises a warning in me is the suggestion that it is common for people
> to master any of the arts without undergoing what you have called a
> "thorough and successful initiation."

Who suggested that? I think that the primary point is that great art arises
from personal experience, and there are many different avenues to aquiring
the skills needed to transform that information into art. No formal
training whatsoever is required, as long as the individual person has the
desire to express their ideas, and the resolve to follow through and find a
way to accomplish that. So some great artists are completely self-trained.
Others learn through family tradition. Some learn via a gentle exposure to
art from early childhood. Some learn through apprenticeship. Some learn
through a concentrated period of study in the art academy. All are valid
ways of learning to impliment one's creative vision.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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