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copper reds (now with added cobalt)

updated mon 19 nov 01


Diane Winters on sat 17 nov 01

Hi Imzadi,

One of the potters in my co-op does this as well. If the red develops fully
it over powers the blue completely - you'd never know the cobalt was there.
If the red develops only partially, he usually gets something in the
red-violet to purple range - i.e., there's a continuum of color change. If
a piece is placed in the kiln in such a way as to get uneven reduction, he
may get the entire gamut of blue to red across the same piece. He only uses
the reduction red(blue) as a decorative secondary glaze applied with cut
sponges - the effect is quite stunning. I've never seen the red/blue done
as the sole glaze on a pot, though it might be fine.

Best wishes,
Diane Winters

Imzadi D. wrote:
>Someone recently wrote, (unfortunately I deleted the email) that they add:
>.25% cobalt carb to their red so they get blue instead of those ugly clear
>patches, with which I am all too familiar with. (I don't control the glaze
>firings where I work out of.)
>How does this affect the RED color? Is it still the same shade, or overall,
>more purple?