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crazed casserole

updated wed 21 nov 01


Veena Raghavan on tue 20 nov 01

I want to thank everyone, who responded to my request for help on the
crazed Fl Blue cone 6 large oval casserole. What a wonderful group! I am
constantly amazed at the amount of information on Clayart, at the
generosity of those who participate, and the feeling of "oneness". It is
such a good feeling to know that, if you send out a call for help, there
are always people on Clayart, who will come to your rescue. =

Thank you all.

I wish everyone on Clayart a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have been throug=
a horrendous time and are still in the middle of uncertainty. But, we do
have much for which to give thanks. I am cheered by the "spirit" of my
fellow Americans, by their fortitude, and their optimism. We are a great
country and a great people. The terrible events have just brought us
closer, made us more determined, and given us new strength.

My best to all of you.


Veena Raghavan