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international ceramics studio in hungary

updated tue 20 nov 01


Marta M. Gloviczki on mon 19 nov 01

Janet Kaiser wrote:

>Seems to me that ICS Hungary therefore has a very
>important job to do and as many potters as possible
>should support their work... Either giving or taking
>courses. I am sure you will agree that it is well worth
>it? Their courses and workshop facilities seem to be
>the highest possible standard. What has your experience
>been? I am sure many who like travelling abroad would
>love to hear about them from you first hand, especially
>as it is still a relatively good value for money
dear janet,
you are right, it is absolutely worth to go and work at the
international ceramics studio in kecskemet, hungary.
to rent a studio, a room to live, fire in their wood-, salt-,
gas- and raku-kilns, it is very affordable there.
it feels like you are in an island for creativity there,
located in the heart of a beautiful town.
it`s perfect if someone is looking for a residency,
or if you are a presenter, offer to give a workshop.
thanks to janet, we have their new website`s address:
last time i was there they had a clay festival with several
international artists` demonstrations, it was great!
if anyone goes there for a visit, you have to stop by my old
theater (more than 100 years old!) where i was an actor...
once upon a time...