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simple copper slip and glaze

updated mon 19 nov 01


Martin Howard on sun 18 nov 01

Being aware of copper leaching when used as the main ingredient in the
glaze, I have done some further experimenting.

The leading thought was "Why not put the colouring minerals in the slip and
cover with a clear glaze?" All my ware is table ware, so I must act
carefully in this matter. All my stains are guaranteed safe if covered by a
clear glaze. So why shouldn't the same apply with the mineral oxides?

So I added 2% Copper Oxide to my normal white clay slip.
Slipped test pieces and ware in that. It comes up mucky cream; quite horrid
But then clear glaze it and the real colour of the copper comes through,
really bright and very attractive; a little streaky as if brushed on. Come
to think of it, I have seen a very similar effect on Denby Ware recently in
local shops.

This will be one of my stock methods for table ware in future.

It does simplify matters if the colourants can all be in the slips.
Only need one good clear glaze after that. Fewer buckets on the floor!

Martin Howard
Webbs Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling
01371 850 423
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