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the studio turkey baster

updated thu 22 nov 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on tue 20 nov 01

On the "odd tools" thread, I was reminded today (guess why) that our turkey baster lives in the studio.

I use it to glaze the inside of double walled bowls and other very small vessels. Suck up glaze from the bucket, squirt it in up to the rim, suck it out again. Repeat if necessary.

I marked it (as I have measuring cups, garlic presses, and other tools borrowed from the kitchen) with the word STUDIO in permanent marker. No point making grandma's turkey gravy with a touch of cobalt.

I also use it to siphon the top layer of water off of 100 gram batches of glaze (why do I always mix them too thin?) or small jars of terra sig.

Or when I make a small closed form, the last thing I do before sealing it is to insert the tip of the turkey baster into the tiny top hole and give it a little "poof" of air to round it up a bit.

Anybody else have interesting uses for the turkey baster? I know of at least one couple who bypassed the expense of fertility clinics and used a turkey baster (and a generous male friend) to conceive their lovely baby girl...

Yours, Kelly in Ohio (where it will be wild turkey, tomato pudding, squash and stuffing, cranberry relish, pumpkin pie and assorted desserts at grandma's house this week...)

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Penni Stoddart on wed 21 nov 01

Kelly wrote:
> On the "odd tools" thread, I was reminded today (guess why) that our
turkey >baster lives in the studio.

I started the odd tools thread (yes blame me) and was reminded recently , as
was Kelly, about how quickly our kitchens migrate to our studios.
This morning we had a staff breakfast at work so I volunteered to make
quiche. Well guess I what I found was missing when I went to roll out the
pastry last night? My rolling pin! Thought the quiche would taste a bit odd
to those not used to eating clay (I tend to forget I have clay on my hands
when I'm working) so I ended up using the can of cooking spray as a rolling
Always inventive us potters!
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