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what good is an mfa anyway

updated sun 25 nov 01


Diana Pancioli on fri 23 nov 01

I completed an MFA at the age of 46. It was a gift I gave myself, funded by
a tiny inheritance my mother left me. Those two years were a treasure--the
time to focus exclusively on my clay work for the first time in my life--
with people around who both supported and critiqued my efforts. I'd like
another two years like that sometime.


Saic1984@AOL.COM on sat 24 nov 01


You got exactly what you should have from the MFA experience. I counsel=20
students all the time (I am the Associate Director of Admissions at a=20
professional art school) and that is what I tell them the degree is all=20
about. It is not about assuring a teaching job, it is not to qualify you as=
better that someone without this is purely about the time and=20
support of your development as an artist, and hopefully it will leave you=20
with the skills, desire, and tools necessary to sustain your art practice.=20=