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updated wed 28 nov 01


Barbara Skelton on mon 26 nov 01

Hello, I am a recent list member and love it----I am a good painter and a
"wanna be " potter. Daughter is a good functional ware potter so there's
hope for me.
For many years I taught art for teachers in the art/ceramic dept at
Chaffey college in SoCalif----
Tony Ivins was the dept chair, a painter and potter, and a close friend of
Paul Soldner....
I have several of Tony's pots and some unsigned one 's of Paul Soldners....
Did any one else know Tony...., or more about Paul Soldner's work ?

Barb Acord (then)

Helen Bates on mon 26 nov 01

Seen today (Mon., Nov. 26, 2001)

Joanna Bird Pottery
Gallery specializing in mainly "traditional" British potters.

Hart Gallery (UK)
Representing contemporary ceramic artists and sculptors, etc.

I ran across the links to these and other galleries at the Sofa
Chicago site:

Sofa Chicago 2001 "Art Sold":
(Gretchen Ewert; Richard St. John; Carol McNicoll; Peter Lenzo; Kate
Dunn; Janet DeBoos; Esther
Shimazu; Kathleen Stephenson; Andrea Gill; John Gill; Sergei Isupov;
Joan Takayama-Ogawa; Red Weldon Sandlin; Jun Kaneko; Karen Massaro;
Wayne Higby; Karen Portaleo; Melody Ellis; Kathleen
Stephenson; Kathryn Youngs; Janis Mars; Anne Currier; Louis Marak;
Robert Archambeau; Linda
Sikora; John Gill; Andrea Gill; Sergei Isupov; Chris Antemann; Don
Reitz; Susan Beiner; Candone
Wharton; Richard Milette;)

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