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owls for children's pottery parties

updated tue 27 nov 01


Martin Howard on mon 26 nov 01

Must relate to you all the lovely pottery party we had here yesterday.
7 children and 2 parents. The children were mostly 7 year olds with one 10
year old boy.

I threw 8 bodies of owls two days before, so they were leather hard for the
Party Day.
I then showed them how to carve into the clay, cut into it and stick other
pieces onto it.
We cut out the bottoms and turned a little of the bottoms using the Jaws.
Each child threw a mug or a bowl on the wheel with me. Then returned to
their owl.
Half way through the two hour party-time, I got out a small bowl of white,
black and yellow slip and a selection of brushes.
They all decorated their owls and I must say the results were quite amazing.

The whole program filled out the 2 hours perfectly.
I now have to finish them off, turn the pots and slip according to each
child's wishes, fire, glaze and glaze-fire. Might even single fire.

A well worthwhile program which I recommend to you all.
I will certainly repeat it with other 7 or 8 year olds. It gets them into
throwing, turning, and decorating in so many ways. Keeps the interest going.
They were all into nature and Harry Potter of course!

Martin Howard
Webbs Cottage Pottery aka The Owlery at
Woolpits Road, Great Saling
01371 850 423
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