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unusual tools in the studio

updated tue 27 nov 01


Celia Littlecreek on sat 24 nov 01

From the land of Olie and Lena (Minnesota), Lefse lifter. I use it for =
"trying" to throw really tall pots with small mouths. It's made of =
wood, about 21 inches long, inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Also, a =
wooden pizza cutter about 14 inches long, one side curved like a big =
smile, the other straight. (A huge wooden rib for bowls shapes. I =
traded one of my pots with the artisan at a show. I may not make lots =
of sales, but I have art from other creative people.)
Celia, LittlecreeksUniques

Phyllis Tilton on sat 24 nov 01

One of the things that I use in my studio is an empty plastic beer ball. I turn it upside down in an old white enameled dishpan and use it as a drape mold. I roll the clay on canvas, cut the shape that I want--have done all sizes. Makes beautiful salad bowls, etc.Then apply the drycleaner bag plastic. If there are wrinkles--good. Adds texture. I get my hand under the canvas and flop it over the beer ball, remove the canvas. At this point, I use my hands to flute or stretch the clay into -hard to describe- wavy walls. I let it dry under another piece of plastic but watch it because the clay can crack.On removal, I go over the edges--either carving and using wet sponge. It can be decorated with underglazes, or what ever. many choices. I have used many sizes and different clays. Not hard to do and most everyone likes them.

Another tool that you carry with you--instead of a chamois, condon, rubber glove finger, piece of wet newspaper or paper towel--your hand. You can smooth the lip by spreading your index finger and middle finger and use the area between to round the lip. It is not an unusual tool but it is HANDy !! (:>)

Phyllis Tilton

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Les Crimp on sat 24 nov 01

What's a beer ball?

Les Crimp (not a tea-totaller) on that Island n the Pacific.

chris clarke on mon 26 nov 01

> What's a beer ball?
> Les Crimp (not a tea-totaller) on that Island n the Pacific.

It was a marketing tool by one of the big beer companies. Kind of a mini
keg, smaller then a pony. Big clear round plastic ball with a tap, held
quite a bit of beer. I didn't know they still made them. Ah, memories.


temecula, california

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