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updated sun 2 dec 01


Helen Bates on sat 1 dec 01

NCECA Auction 2001=20
Images of pots now online. =20

Potfest UK Cyber-space Competition 2001=20
Theme : "A Piece for a Japanese Garden "=20
Potfest Index page
Links to archived competitions, UK ceramics shows, and more. =20 (Potfest UK Home Page)=20
This already rich site just keeps growing.

Surfing Critical Ceramics (or, to Ferrin Gallery and back)
Critical Ceramics:
Always worth a visit...=20
Following links from Forrest Snyder's "Critical Ceramics" site:=20
Ashley James
Ceramic sculptor of vessel forms
Uses acrylic paint for surface treatment
And there's an article in Critical Ceramics at:
There are many illustrated articles on ceramics, and useful=20
listings of interests to artists.
For instance, reading an interview by F. Snyder with Julia Galloway,=20
I find a link to "Ruggles and Rankin": =20
The Ferrin Gallery site I have mentioned before: =20
It is immense in itself and full of great pots...=20

Devon Guild of Craftsmen (UK)=20
Another rich site for viewing UK ceramics, with Links to web sites of =20
David Cleverly, Roger Cockram, John Leach, Kate Mellors,=20
Christine-Ann Richards, Kati V=E1mos, Gilda Westermann, Pauline Zelinski
Plus links to web sites representing: Heather Jansch, Tim Andrews,
Roger Cockram, Mike Dodd, John Leach, Kate Mellors, and Christine-Ann
Richards; Nic Collins, Mike Dodd, Marianne de Trey, David Leach, John
Leach, Robert Tinnyunt, Alan Wallwork, David Winkley, Bruce Chivers,
Nic Collins, Bridget Arnold, Penny Simpson and Ross Emerson
Plus links to Crafts organizations etc.

Van Briggle Pottery Company
Photos of this Colorado pottery as it is today. =20

Chicago Art Open 2001 (Chicago Artist's Coalition) =20
Several Clay Artists (sculpture for the most part)=20

Robert Yellin=20
E-Yakimoto net's has a new page called "Potters Spotlight". =20


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