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updated wed 5 dec 01


Annie Swantko on tue 4 dec 01

Reporting in to CA after Mel's workshop here at Annie's Mud Pie Shop this=

weekend. On Friday evening we had a potluck dinner where we had plenty
of great food; Mel showed slides; and gave us a jump start on the throwin=
demonstrations forthcoming over the weekend.

On Saturday before a nice crowd of 43 people, Mel discussed the importanc=
of having a variety of tools onhand made specifically for the job. He
also stressed the importance of being able to make the tools from everyda=
items around the shop or house (calipers from coat hangers, stamps from
erasers, size markers from bamboo, etc). Throughout the day, Mel interje=
stories from his teaching days and time spent in Japan.

Sunday was an intensive day of demonstration after demonstration: ring fo=
bowls, large pots, tea bowls, cups, mugs, handles, faceting, tap centerin=
using chucks, etc. Then, he opened the floor up for requests. He put in=

a full day of trick after trick. His emphasis was on craftsmanship and
getting the job done. Don't dwadle. Do it.

As the workshop came to a close, an impromptu discussion developed about
ITC. Mel continued the workshop with an ITC spraying demonstration and
discussion of electric/gas kilns, salt kilns, etc.

Throughout the whole weekend Mel was inspiring and threw out challenges
to those willing enough to accept them. He challenged everyone to "raise=

the bar" in their approach and serious of the art and the craft of potter=
He was a delight to have as guest and we certainly recommend him