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galleries and museums - more from november 2001 tonight

updated mon 10 dec 01


Helen Bates on sat 8 dec 01


Here are some places to visit.
Colourful pots (Chulucana Peru potters)
Vases and figurines

Haecceity Arts Gallery (Australia)
Contemporary Ceramic Art Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
Clayarter Gail Nichols brought this site to the list's attention

German ceramic museums:

Keramion Museum for Contemporary Ceramic Art
(German text, so to see clay just "fly by the seat of your pants" )

Ceramics museum of Berlin
(Again, mostly in German so just click what you can - there is ceramic
work online)

List of museums, web links where they exist, to museums that are
online : ("Zuruch" means "back")

Of course, as I think Ababi Sharon. has pointed ou, you can use the
site to translate the URL for the desired site using the "http://"
I always overwrite the "http://" since I use the "cut and paste"
To some extent, Babelfish can follow along with you as you surf the
as long as what's there is text, not images-type files.
(IE: sometimes what might appear as text is an image of text, as in a

A couple of links I surfed to:

Max Laeuger
German Art Nouveau (?)
Ornately decorated vases dating from c. 1913-1925
Use the Altavista translator for the thumbnail page only.
For the larger images, stick with the original German URL location.
(IE: don't translate)

Villeroy & Bosch Gallery
German fine art pottery
To see larger images , use the RIGHT mouse button and click on "View

Have a good time!


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