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aquarius art gallery sale

updated tue 11 dec 01


Tony Ferguson on mon 10 dec 01

Since others have announced their sales, I figured I would chime in too:

Holiday Greetings! Newsletter & Gallery

Recently I created a small body of work in porcelain for a firing I returned
from yesterday--a 3 day wood firing at David Caradori's "Dancing Fire Kiln."
This Anagama kiln is 1 of 3 in the world due to its "Dancing Fire" bricks
that hang like stalagmites from the ceiling of the kiln down into the
chamber. This affects the turbulence of the fire causing downward eddies or
spirals, distributing more ash and flashing patina brush strokes on the
work. I look forward to the unloading of the kiln and what "gems" the kiln
may offer.

In addition, AquariusArtGallery is pleased to announce its first
pre-Christmas Sale. All pottery with the exception of a few items are $75
each. Many of these works would normally sell for $150 and up. Consider
looking at Tony Ferguson and Dick Cooter's ceramic work. Email me the
number(s) of the work(s) that you are interested in and we will arrange for
shipping ASAP so that you can receive your work(s) before Christmas. All
work except the Raku is fully functional. For those of you interested in
using the Raku for tea ceremony, I have a traditional Japanese recipe,
compliments of Drew Hanson, that allows you seal the inside of the bowl and
make it ready for use.

Ceramic Artists Bill Farrell and David Caradori's pottery will be added this
week as well and will be beautiful additions to this gallery. Both David
and Bill fire wood and salt, utilizing flashing slips, ash glazes, shinos,
tenmokus, and various other glazes. Good holiday to you all and thank you
to many of you who have expressed your interest and appreciation for this

If you wish to be removed from this newsletter, please send "unsub" in the
subject heading of your email. Thank you!

Tony Ferguson, Artist and Gallery Owner
315 N. Lake Ave. Apt. 401
Duluth, MN 55806

Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku and more....

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