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first gallery gig/questions

updated tue 11 dec 01


Ann Brink on mon 10 dec 01

Hi Kelly,

I know it's flattering to be asked, but if they just now asked you for next
month- they must have had a cancellation and you would be doing them a huge
favor by getting ready at a moment's notice! Aren't you tempted to say you
would love to do it later in the year when you have enough lead time to
properly prepare a show worthy of their gallery, blah, blah? It's really
true- getting ready for a show should be an exciting time, when you
accumulate really special pieces--after all, your work will be seen by a
wider audience, especially if there is good publicity. (Who takes care of
press releases- they should- but if you care what is said, have something
ready to give them....really important! )

Having a reception is a means to get a mention in the "Calendar" or "Events"
section of local papers. Sometimes a newspaper will send a photographer to
get photos of your work, and/or the artist, ahead of time for an article.
The way it's worked here, in a few shows that I have helped with, the
people who write for the "Art" section of the paper were really busy and
were very happy that I had written an article, and published it practically

Our local Sculptors' Guild had a group show last Sept., and I was able to
get a lot of press releases out using e-mail to publications in the area. I
sent an article and a picture, in .jpg format. But your gallery probably
has a system they follow.

The MAIN thing is your work. You said your best stuff just sold. If you
can visualize the pieces you have left, in a gallery setting, go for it!
And do have a reception- it's your time to shine, and more people will buy
if they have met the artist, than if they just wander into the gallery and
see your work. If you can serve a wine punch- all the better!

I didn't think this would get so long! Good luck!

Ann Brink in CA