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lampshades ? (and an intro)

updated tue 11 dec 01


F on mon 10 dec 01

Greetings from central AZ,

My name is Frank Luedtke (F).

I signed on the other day when I found posts from this group while searching
for a wholesale lampshade supplier. WOW ! Y'all are a pretty active group !
Makes me wish I was a potter instead of a quazi-woodworker. If it's any
consolation, when I lived in Door County (Wisc), many of my friends were
potters, including John Deitriech, Abe Cohen, Wally & Donna Wold, Thor &
Judy, etc.

Anyways ... I've been a professional furnituremaker/woodturner for almost 30
years and since moving to AZ a few years back I make (only) painted wood
lamps that I wholesale to galleries around the country and thru GUILD.COM.

< >

I'll also be doing my first ACC show this Feb. in Baltimore.

So ... Can anyone point me towards a wholesale lampshade supplier,
preferably on the left coast or at least out west ?

I've read that Lampshades, Inc. in Chicago is good. Any comments ?
We're also trying to get some samples from Nu-Line, also in Chicago.
We bought from HandmadeLampshades in Ohio in the past, but have been having
a bit of trouble lately.



p.s. Does anyone in this group live near ARCOSANTI ?