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my new studio

updated tue 11 dec 01


chris clarke on mon 10 dec 01

We just finished building the forms for the foundation of my new =
studio/wood shop. What a huge job. The concrete comes next Saturday =
and then we start to frame. I never realized the work that goes into a =
new building (read "PERMITS").

I also fired me kiln last week and came out with an entire load of =
perfection. Carbon trapping deluxe, amazing. But, my thermocouple bent =
so I have to turn it over in the next firing and maybe not let the kiln =
run to ^11. =20

At 1500 I relit and reduced for an hour. The resulting blood reds are =
amazing. And I didn't even use my normal red glaze, just slip with =
copper. =20

Back outside to put in some shear wall earthquake things so the =
inspector can come and sign off on the job.


temecula, california