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studio floors/sealers

updated wed 12 dec 01


Naomi Rieder on mon 10 dec 01

What is an "aromatic sealer"? Does it have an pleasant scent? Is it used to
mask odors in work areas?

Klyf Brown on tue 11 dec 01

Aromatic compounds are carbon polymers that are circular in nature,
usually closed and generally contain benzine, alaphatic are long chain
carbon polymers that are straight and are easily added to. Sometimes
the aromatic compounds have agreeable odours, but not necessairly
so with epoxies and urethanes, in fact some are downright unplesant.
The aromatics don't break down as easy in ultra violet light. Once the
polymerization process is complete and a new "plastic" formed (the
curing process) the off gassing stops as does the odour.
Without getting all chemical, call them the intermediate coat and the
top coat.
As an interesting side note, another long chain carbon polymer is
known as DNA.

Klyf Brown, in New Mexico. Sure wish I had paid more attention in
chem class.......hi skool and college too.

12/10/01 4:30:08 PM, Naomi Rieder

>What is an "aromatic sealer"? Does it have an pleasant scent? Is it
used to
>mask odors in work areas?