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fw: re: was studio floors, now floor drains

updated wed 12 dec 01


Klyf Brown on tue 11 dec 01

Hi Cindi,
It is much better to plan the space to be able to serve other purposes.
A drain in the middle of a bedroom or rec room is not desirable in
most cases (under a pool table if you have a lot of drinkers over may
not be a bad idea).
An inexpensive floor treatment for raw concrete that you can do
yourself is called Acid Staining. Some examples are here:
Ignore the fancy stuff and the scoring of lines to emulate tile (they only
collect dirt).
This stuff really goes with pottery (at least my kind of pottery) as it is
not a specific colour, it is mottled or varigated. The colour depends on
how the acid, metal salts and alkalis in the concrete all react with each
other and the amount of acid applied.
You can seal it with a simple waxing, or go to an industrial epoxy
finish for that super waterproof sealer. In your search you will have
acrylic finishes pushed your way, most are a bit too soft to stand up to
studio wear (both the solvent based and the water born acrylics).
Good luck in your search for that perfect studio floor
Klyf Brown in New Mexico (Epoxyman by day)

12/10/01 1:58:06 PM, "Cindi Anderson"> wrote:

>Thanks for the feedback. This will be a new studio I am building,
but I
>guess I would like to save money by not having the extra drain and
>plus someone could turn the studio into living space after I move out.
>I'm glad to hear someone else does the "blow it out the door"