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lighting for studio/ polycarbonate

updated wed 12 dec 01


Al Tillis on tue 11 dec 01

I built a little bitty studio - It has a tin roof, I wanted the tin roof
but just as I started to put the tin on I had a idea for skylights.
Being that I was and seem to be always on a tight budget I used
two 16 ' corrugated polycarbonate sheets - they are as clear as glass
and tuff as nails - plus they can take very high heat.

So far - so good; it is amazing how much light comes thru
two 16 ' x 2 ' panels. Plus I can see the sky at night ;-)
If I was doing it over I would use two more.

Al Tillis
Lincolnton, North Carolina

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On 12/10/2001 at 4:42 PM Sharon wrote:

>Almost everything about moving my studio has been awful but one
>of the positives is my improved lighting. I have rows of
>florescent fixtures with daylight bulbs. The very best thing my
>electrician did was to put two switches in each room to light
>alternating fixtures. So turning on one switch lights half of the
>fixtures. In daylight doing normal studio tasks I have one switch
>on. For bright light in any kind of weather or time of day I turn
>on both switches.
>The Lane Pottery
>Hinsdale, Illinois
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