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creating my own studio

updated fri 14 dec 01


Suzanne Farmer on thu 13 dec 01

Hi - I'm new to the list and I want to create my own
pottery studio. First I should mention I am renting
the house, so I can't get too fancy. I'm really
looking for some advice concerning where to place an
electric kiln (have not bought it yet). I was
planning on placing it in my basement but I have heard
about the need to have adequet ventalation. Is this
true for an electric kiln and if so does anyone have
any recommendations on the best way to do this? I
have heard that some glazes can release toxins. I
don't want to poison my family and the bedroom is
right above the basement. Also, the furnace is down
there too.

If the basement is out. Does anyone have any
experience with an elec. kiln in a shed. I have
considered purchasing a shed from Lowe's or Home Depot
and placing the kiln inside. Do I need a concrete
floor to place the kiln on? If the floor was wood,
could I place the kiln on some bricks to elevate off
the floor?

Thanks for any advice!!


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