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studio floors,

updated fri 14 dec 01


Klyf Brown on thu 13 dec 01

I apologize for the delay, been gone.
All the materials I use are made to go on cured concrete. That is; 28
days to two thousand years old. See my other posts recently about
preparing the concrete first.
A treatment like this will make it much easier to clean. A sloppy wet
mop works, I like a garden hose and a wet vac, the sears wet vacs
have an attachment that is the sucker head and a squeegie.
An easy way to dump the wet vac from downstairs is to toss a
submersable pump into it's bucket attached to a garden hose, pump it
up and outside without that lifting and chance of spilling.
Klyf Brown in New Mexico

12/11/01 9:36:04 AM, Millie Carpenter wrote:

>I have a concrete floor in my basement. is it possible to do this
process after
>20 years? the last 7 years I have had my studio and its attendent
clay there.
>and this process will make it easier to clean, to facilitate spraying it
>water and squeeging it. or to damp mop?