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updated thu 20 oct 05


Millie Carpenter on fri 14 dec 01

for those of you who are interested in bonsai pots, I got my bulletin
Baltimore clayworks is having 2 workshops in the spring session. One is
for making the pots the second is to plant something in it and start
training it. I am not a bonsai person, so I don't know anything about
the presenters. Clayworks usually has really good workshops so if you
want to check it out....

and on this page there is some commentary on the exhibit of Bonsai Pots
and their trees that will go from Clayworks to the National Arboretum.
for those who are aficionados of this art, take the time to go to the
National arboretum when you are in the DC area. it really is an awesome
place and the Bonsai garden has some trees that are two or three hundred
years old. and in town the botanical gardens at the end of the mall
near the Capitol building just reopened. A wonderful place to be in the

Millie in Md
disclaimer--I am a member of Clayworks and take the occasional class or
workshop there but I am not on staff or anything like that. The
National Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are our tax dollars at work
too. So there is no admission charge, Park outside the city, take the
metro, bus, or taxi.

Mike Gordon on wed 19 oct 05

For the person interested in Bonsai this might be of interest, Mike