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updated sat 15 dec 01


Richard Jeffery on fri 14 dec 01

Just had an email from Janet -

<Craft Council, CPA and most shops/galleries in London... The 50 Walter
Keeler mug would be around 18-20 from the man himself.

To quote a friend who exhibited this past summer: "The CPA exhibition went
quite well (two works sold, which isn't bad since they add 100%+VAT!).">>

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Sent: 13 December 2001 23:19
Subject: Re: British Musings

I would hate anyone to think those prices are representative - I have no
useful yardstick for national names in London galleries, but a good,
designed, functional, pleasure to hold, bought from someone who cares mug
might be up to 12 - 15.....

If you're ever in the bottom of Wales, take a look at Ned Heywood in
Chepstow - wonderful thin thrown stoneware bowls that ring like bells - say
10" across, 8" deep - under 50.

I'm sure other folk over here will have things to add.

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Sent: 13 December 2001 19:33
Subject: British Musings

Been lurking since I have been back from England. Had a firing to do
before my 9 day studio tour, got sick, now I'm better and can get
back into the swing of things.

Was in London for one wonderful week. Spent a day at the V & A
looking at pots, and in the Crafts Council Shop saw Wally Keeler's
new work, yes, a teapot for 600 pounds, a mug for 50 pounds. Went to
the Pottery Shop on Marshall St., saw some wonderful work there,
actually bought 3 pots, one of them a wood/salt fired mug by Micki
Schloessingk for 30 pounds, (are you reading this Tony C.?), which I
HAD to have. Finally made it to the Percival David Foundation of
Chinese Art at 53 Gordon Sq., in Bloomsbury. I came away absolutely
awed by such work, and with such a new appreciation of pottery from
the Song and Yuan dynasties with examples of very rare Ru and Guan
wares. After seeing these pots I really felt like I really did not
need to see any more pots. It also made me feel so incompetent. Such
beauty in form and glazes, made so long ago, just boggles the mind.
Peach blossom, oil spot, tenmoku, copper reds, celadons, to die for.

Went up to Rufford Craft Centre in Nottinghamshire, many British
Potters well represented. Then my friend took me to Devon where we
stayed in a piece of heaven by the sea where the huge cliffs were not
white but RED. Phoned David Leach and asked if he was accepting
visitors. He welcomed us the next day, and he looks just about the
same as he did when I saw him last in the mid-eighties. Doing very
well, hasn't been making pots, but says he is going to start soon.
His wife Elizabeth, is just wonderful. Saw some of Bernards, and
Hamada's work there, and a few other pots he has collected that he
has in his showroom. He had a visiting potter there from Australia,
Richard ?, can't find his bio. that he gave me, but very nice work in
tenmoku, shino, and celadon. Visited another potter very near, Tim
Andrews, raku, wonderful forms. Dartington Craft Centre is also a
must for makers to visit. They have hand made work in metal,
pottery, and fibre. And CRANKS the restaurant is there, glad to see
that, as Cranks in London is now closed. Stopped at John Leach's
pottery, didn't see him, he and his staff were having their lunch AT
THE PUB! Bought a bowl of his for 80 pounds. (Are you reading this
Tony C.?)

Visiting Britian is expensive for Canadians because of their dollar.
Pottery is much more expensive than in Canada, perhaps even the
States. Someone must be buying it.

Glad I went, glad I made some bucks when I got home to help pay my
mastercard, glad Christmas is coming, time for a rest again.
Actually, feeling like we Canadians are making some pretty nice work
in comparison and I think our price is right. Well, maybe we could
up it a bit.

Happy Holidays everyone. Meticky Liz

Liz Willoughby
RR 1
2903 Shelter Valley Rd.
Grafton, On.
K0K 2G0

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