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mug exchange..narrow view???/ yeah but

updated mon 17 dec 01


Bacia Edelman on sun 16 dec 01

I for a second time agree with offering a specialty within
the size limit. (Maybe I will offer a little teapot-- functional
but only in case you dislike drinking an entire cup of tea! :>})
However, Harvey's two mugs that I own are among the few
and dearest mugs in my collection. When my late beloved could no longer
shop but remembered I had a birthday, I started commissioning
people whose work I had seen at the mug exchange, for ONE MUG
to be from him, using his credit card # or check and certainly letting
Murray know it was from him.
I asked Harvey to make a mug on commission as I had seen one at the exchange.
He was amazingly kind enough to send me two treasures for same
price with a computer-made birthday card stating that one of
the mugs was from him.
I hope I haven't got you into anything you wish I hadn't spread
around, Harvey!

At 10:16 AM 12/16/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I had not made a mug in almost twenty years prior to the clayart mug
>exchange several years ago. I decided it would be fun to participate in
>a sharing way with my clayart friends, so I made some mugs. I was a
>little rusty at it, and a little bit embarrassed by my weak results at
>first, but it was fun. My little mug adventure kicked off a serious
>glaze study in shino glazes. I make mugs almost every month, receiving
>a steady stream of commissions for my smoky, semi- translucent,
>functional shino cups. I began making new forms, quite different from
>my raku forms, specifically for high temperature glazes and I am
>exhibiting and selling functional work for the first time more than 25
>years. My point is this: "I don't do mugs" might be the narrow point
>of view. ;-)
>Happy holidays!
>Harvey Sadow
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