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mug/thing exchange

updated sat 15 dec 01


Joyce Lee on fri 14 dec 01

Mel said:
"i was hoping for a joyce mug. i am writing a book titled
`goofey handles that i have seen"
Shoot, I'd be tickled to be in a book entitled "Goofy Handles I've =
Seen" ..... probably start a trend. Bad pots will be "in" and all you =
gurus will be "out" In The Cold wondering who started this ..... =
especially those of you who've made fun of us Lesser Beings ..... =
you'll be creating videos with titles such as, "Yes, You CAN Make Goofy =
or "Forget the Past; Now Is What Counts... Learn To Throw Bad Pots" =
...... You'll entice participants by announcing that Joyce (no last name =
needed..... simply Joyce will do ... like Cher ... ) yes, Joyce will be =
guest demonstrator at our next workshop ... IF we're lucky enough to =
catch her in between BIG, IMPORTANT engagements where she's teaching =
BIG, IMPORTANT GURUS to downgrade their skills. You know that this =
trend toward good taste cannot last forever...... and when it's dead, =
there I'll be waiting, poor skills at the ready, prepared for my moment =
in time!

In the Mojave starting tomorrow to throw mugs and soup bowls EVERY day =
until NCECA ....... well, maybe not.... there's only so much room in my =
UglyPotSpot. Have I told you who's buying pots from the UglyPotSpot?? =
Painters and watercolorists and sketch artists .... truly... artists who =
are looking for "unusual" work, "original" work to use in their =
paintings. Good idea but it never entered my mind that there would be =
such demand for UglyPots .... much less that they'd be =
immortalized........ I used to give them away, figuring I was saving a =
trip to the dump ..... now visitors PAY for the privilege of taking =
home a selection .... odd, huh?
They're not even labeled "Seconds"..... simply UglyPots.......=20