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2002 nceca stay-at-home "mug" exchange

updated wed 19 dec 01


Chris Schafale on tue 18 dec 01

As promised, here are the details about the mug exchange for
those of us who will be sitting home feeling sorry for ourselves
while the rest of you are cavorting in the Clayart room.

People who are attending NCECA can participate too, but you have
to mail your mug before you leave for the conference.

Like the exchange in the Clayart room, this is a "clay thing"
exchange, not strictly mugs.

Everyone is welcome to participate -- this is about making
connections with other clayworkers, not about obtaining high-value
ceramic art. If receiving a mug from someone of lesser skill is
going to upset you, I suggest that you not participate.

Here's what to do if you want to join in:

1. Send me your name and *mailing* (you know, like the post
office?) address (my email is: )

Non-US residents are welcome to participate. If you have a
problem with paying postage across borders, please let me know
when you sign up, and I won't pair you with an international partner.

2. Make your mug (or teabowl or small vessel or candleholder or
whistle, or small sculpture or whatever.....) and be ready to
mail it on or a little before March 13, when NCECA starts.

Please, please, please don't sign up to participate unless you
can have a mug ready to mail *in March*, not in May, not after
graduation, or after you build your kiln, or after you find the perfect
glaze, or ......

3. On March 9/10, I'll make the matches, then send you an email
with the name and address of the person to whom you will send
your mug. The person you send a mug to will also be the person
you receive a mug from. That is, person A will send a mug *to*
person B, and will receive a mug *from* person B.

Matches will be done on a random basis, with the exception that I
will honor preferences about international /noninternational
partners, as noted above. Requests to "match me with a really
professional potter, not a newbie" will be met with scorn and

4. As soon as you get the name/address of your partner, get that
mug in the mail, so that hopefully your partner will receive it during
NCECA and have something to cheer them up.

Any questions, email me directly at

Thanks, and let the mugs begin.

Chris Schafale

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh)

claybair on tue 18 dec 01

Count me in Chris.
Thanks for taking on this task!

Gayle Bair
13251 NE Millstone Place
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110