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cranks in london

updated tue 18 dec 01


Jenny Lewis on mon 17 dec 01

Well, this is sort of pots-related -

Following Liz's report on London, just thought I should reassure future
visitors - Cranks (vegetarian restaurant) main branch used to be in
Marshall Street, a few doors away from the Crafts Potters Shop, ideal
for people visiting this part of the world, or for people like me who
live here and visit Marshall Street regularly - good food and good pots
close by. Anyway, the main branch is no longer, but there are others,
thank goodness, phew. One of the others happens to be not far from
Contemporary Applied Arts, so it's still possible to do good food and
craftsy things in quick succession.

Marshall Street now has instead the Masala Zone - very tasty Indian
food, yum.

mmmm, thinking of food
must be hometime....