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pizza stones and thanks!

updated thu 20 dec 01


Debi Rudman on wed 19 dec 01


I have made a beautiful, free form pizza stone with high-fire
stoneware...carved design on one side...perfectly flat other side...and
wondered...can it be used if it is just once-fired to Cone 06 or does it have
to be second-fired to Cone 6?

And...wanted to thank all of you who have made my little over a year here on
ClayArt so rewarding. It was my first year teaching and every time I had a
question...a wonderful assortment of experts helped me find answers.
Plus...the stay-at-home mug/bowl exchange last year - to be paired with Joyce
in the Mojave my first time out of the box...I was in awe...and now seeing a
fabulous shino bowl displayed in my dining room each day brings me joy. So,
at this time of giving..I want to thank all of you for giving me so much of
your time and expertise...and...if you have info about pizza stones, I'd
really appreciate that, too ;-)

Thank you!
Debi Rudman

Debi Lampert Rudman
Ceramics Instructor, duCret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ
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