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updated fri 7 feb 03


Bill Edwards on fri 28 dec 01


Below is the link for NCECA 2002. Most information for
the event can be found on this link or one of the
other additional pages for NCECA. Contact information
is also available through the link.

William Edwards

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Suzanne Wolfe on wed 5 feb 03

I just received the information from NCECA, after having paid my fees,
etc. Usually there is information about transportation from the airport
to the hotel, and in this set of papers, there was no such information.
Could any of you living in San Diego offer some information please?
Suzanne in Honolulu

"dementedjeffery on thu 6 feb 03


I do not know if they are arranging a shuttle this year, but when i
went lat year, I didn't know about the shuttle until I got there, so
I'm sure you might find one if one exists when you arrive.

otherwise, the taxi ride to the town and country is probably about
$15 as the airport is not far from the conference hotel.

I'll see what I can find out and resend