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reporting on studio sales in dec.

updated sun 30 dec 01


Sandy Miller on sat 29 dec 01

Hey Paul,

Reporting from Cleveland, Ohio. We did shows all year. Threw myself =
into the studio in Sept and Oct to get ready for Christmas shows. Our =
first show in Nov. was down right terrifiying. Three days - $200 in =
sales. Galleries weren't selling either. I was down to my last $$$$ in =
the bank account after paying rent & supply bills. I considered how I =
would look under the flashing blue light at the Super K. With one show =
left, a studio sale, I put all my energy into working my mailing list =
and getting ready. The first weekend in Dec. we opened the studio doors =
and prayed. I had a wonderful show. We sold everything that wasn't =
nailed down. The suprise; functional stoneware sat there, a sale here =
and there but not like it usually sells. My bigger decorative pieces =
$150 and up sold within the first few hours of the show. And the real =
suprise the bigger pieces sold in multiples (2-3) I took three orders =
for commission pieces to be completed by March. I did not accept =
MC/Visa at the sale and most folks didn't seem to have any problem with =
that. Not all artists that were represented at the sale did well. The =
photographers and painters did not fair well. Jewelery and glass did =
very well. All ceramic artists did well. I made enough to sustain my =
studio for the next 3 months if I am careful. I was so grateful to =
folks who came to the sale I took the time to write thank you notes and =
explain that their purchase allowed a local artist to continue to work. =
God bless us everyone!
Sandy Miller
Paine Falls Pottery=20
Cleveland, Ohio=20