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top reasons not to wear a dust mask

updated mon 31 dec 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on sun 30 dec 01

Reasons not to bother with masks and respirators in a community studio:

1.) It messes up my hair.
(So does chemotherapy.)

2.) It's inconvenient.
(So is an oxygen machine on a cart.)

3.) I look stupid with one of those things on my face.
(I was just thinking how stupid you looked sanding greenware without one.)

4.) The way this spray booth works, the people on either side of me are breathing more glaze than I am. You don't expect EVERYBODY to wear a mask, do you?
(no comment.)

5.) It makes me look like a beginner.
(Actually, hobbyists can afford to be nonchalant. "Real" potters are in it for a lifetime, and should protect themselves accordingly.)

6.) But the teacher never wears one to mix clay or glazes...
(what responsibility does a teacher have, I wonder, to protect student health by setting a good example?)

7.) It's OK! (while shaking out a silica bag in a cloud of dust) --None of these glazes have lead in them.
(no comment.)

8.) If we walk around here wearing respirators, people (administrators, tourists, the folks from OSHA, whatever) will think there's something dangerous going on here.
(hm. the monstrous brick contraption belching flame in the back room hasn't raised any eyebrows... but a paper mask is going to shut us down?)

Any resemblence to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Yours, Kelly in Ohio... where it's snowing, and finally wintry... today Jeff split wood while the kids stuffed the rabbit hutches and chicken coop with extra straw, and I cobbled some little heated boxes for their water bottles... then inside to make half a dozen venison shepherd pies for the freezer while the kids (and their dad) played with christmas toys...

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