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video: caiger-smith brush demo

updated mon 31 dec 01


Linda Arbuckle on sun 30 dec 01

There's a video I show at workshops that has a great brush demo by
British potter Alan Caiger-Smith. People have asked where to get it,
and I thought it was out of print, but noticed in on the sale flyer for
Steve Branfman's Potters Shop:

31 Thorpe Rd.

Needham, MA 02494

(781) 449-7687

Steve Branfman (

It's #3 The Craft of the Potter Series: Decorating.

Steve has it listed as Mick Casson and Eileen Nesbitt (who has a short
bit showing inlaid clay). There is then a demo on brushwork by Alain
Caiger-Smith that is lovely. He talks about brushes and brush work in
general, demos on bare clay, and also on majolica, and shows a
decoration done with wax resist. He talks a bit about design decisions
in the process. He has a very graceful calligraphic style that shows
influence from Islamic ceramics.

Nice for teaching about brushwork on majolica.

Linda Arbuckle

14716 SE 9th Terr

Micanopy, FL 32667