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60 miles from home in france

updated wed 2 jan 02


Hank Murrow on tue 1 jan 02

Hank wrote;
>> Now, Suzy Atkins, who (I mentioned in a previous post) lives a long way
>>from ANYBODY in rural France, but folks from Paris (a 5 hour drive away)
>>show up at her place every weekend. But then, they are desparate to get
>>away from the city on the weekend, and do support their fabulous Auberge
>>and B&B system handsomely. Guess Americans who commute a lot of their
>>time are reluctant to get out of town on the weekend, much less to visit
>>a potter. <
Then Russel wrote;

>I think Suzy lives in La Bourne, which for americans is like living in
>Seagrove, NC. La Bourne is a "Pottery Town" and a big draw in itself.
>Suzy benefits from that and her reputation as a great potter.

And Hank replies;

When I visited Suzy & Nigel Atkins at their home and studio
in 1986, they lived down a Looonnnngg gravel road on the edge of a ravine
at least 100 kilometers from any urban area and had no interest in moving,
after restoring an Hermitage for years at great cost. Nearest town of any
size is Aurillac, pop.35K about 2 hours to the north, or Rodez, about the
same size and distance to the south. Suzy was clear about how they did it.
There was no public establishment within 160 kilometers that did not have
their beautiful color poster in their window
with a map printed on it. It is wild country in the Auvergne! Suzy was from
NYC until studying in Britain and then moving to France with Nigel. Anyone
visit them recently?

Cheers in the New, Hank