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toronto area source for small plastic pails w lids

updated thu 3 jan 02


Marcella Smith on wed 2 jan 02

Hello Marianne,
I found small plastic pails with lids at Home Depot (in Kansas City), =
they carried many different sizes, perhaps they were out that day, if =
not, how about a small paint store? =20

May God Bless your life's journey,
Marcella Smith
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Helen Inglis on wed 2 jan 02

Hi Marianne:
Here's idea that works for me to obtain small plastic containers with lids.
Make friends with someone in a franchise shop that sells muffins, bagels or
the like. If they bake on premises you can imaging how many pails ( that
contained the batter) they must throw away on a weekly basis. For me in
Florida it's Perkins; in your neck of the woods, perhaps Tim Hortons.
All the best,
H.A. Ingis
- a lurker who has resolved to participate in 2002