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how about old art school glaze and body book,

updated sun 6 jan 02


GlassyClass on fri 4 jan 02

can that stuff be posted ?

I have been following the discussion on the new book, I agree that the book
ought to have a chance to sell, before anything is shared that can be traced
right back to it. Although I also know a lot of folks who do pottery at the
school where I go, who have no idea what ClayArt Listserv is, or even that
folks share glaze and clay body recipies, and expereince on the Internet.
They think that if they want to learn about pottery, they have to go to
school, or the bookstore and buy a book. So as long as they are staying in
the dark, I bet the book will sell just fine.

I have been wondering about posting some glaze recipes and clay body
formula's that come from a old loose leaf binder, that I think is from the
Kansas City Art Institute, it is very old, a copy of a copy of a copy, so
old and don't ask me why, the pages are read from the back of the book to
the front. That is how they are punched, and layed out. I think at one
point, I was either a friend of someone who went there, or something
similar. My mother has told me that in college, I built a climbing kiln on
the schools property, and fired it.

I have wanted to try some of these, only also wanted to ask from expereince
from those here, what they might be, or look like, or RUN like.

A scan of the contents page. (page quality is old, scan program did the best
it could)


a)Feldspar Replacements. b)Substitute Colorant List o )Abbreviations List

A) Hi per~ture Porcelain,
B) Hi Temperature Stoneware,
C) Salt Bodys
D) Midrange Clays,
E) Lowfire Clays,
F) Special Bodys,
G) Jasper And Basalt
H) Self Glazing
I) Casting Slips
II)Clay-and Glazes extra High cones 13 and Up

***Glazes*** ****CONES_9~.12****
J) B&~se Glazes
K) Base Glazes with multiple colorants
L) Ash Glazes
M) Celadons
N) Oilspot
0) Saturate Iron
P) Shino
Q) White
R) Black
5) Yellow
T) Green
V) Blue
W) Browns
X) Odds And Ends
Y) Slips cones 9-12
A') Cones 7-8
B') Cones L~..6
C') Cones 1-3
D') Cones OL~01
E') Cones 07-05
F') Cones 08-OiO
G') Cones 011 and. lower
~') Raku Slips arid Glazes
I') Terra si :gellatta

Slips occur at the end of each temperature section..

cones 7-12 cones 7-12

cones oi-6 cones02O- 02
Ref ractorys , Wadding,adobe , saggar, and others.

Egyptian Pastes and others
Also contains Fake Ash glazes
Also See Brown And B~k sections Also contains carbon trap glazes
Also contains Tans and Golds
For more Greens see the celadon section contains Reds oranges purples and

For more browns see the saturate iron sect1~i
Contains glazes that were not easily catagorize

Bud Britt
Tustin, CA, USA

Tony Ferguson on sat 5 jan 02

can that stuff be posted ?

HEllo, Bud

It would be a lot of work to scan all that in but if you are willing to do
it, go for it! I think it would be a great idea to share--I have a ton of
stuff to from all over the country! If possible, I would appreciate any
information on your following:

> ***CLAYS***
> A) Hi per~ture Porcelain,
> B) Hi Temperature Stoneware,

> L) Ash Glazes
> M) Celadons
> N) Oilspot
> 0) Saturate Iron
> P) Shino
> Q) White
> R) Black
> 5) Yellow
> T) Green
> U)Red
> V) Blue
> W) Browns

In return, I would be happy to dig up whatever I have on subjects of your

Thank you!

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
315 N. Lake Ave. Apt. 401
Duluth, MN 55806

Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku

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