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ciao, baby, and architectural ceramics in italy

updated sun 13 jan 02


Marcia Selsor on sat 12 jan 02

All this ciao stuff. I use Ciao when I am writing to my workshop friends
who were in Italy with me. It reminds me of Pietro, our host. Even if I
am in cowboy country in Montana, I like to say ciao to my friends.
Also, there is still a little room left in the architectural ceramics
workshop and travel tour
in Italy in May where you will learn how ciao and chow differ. There are
ten gourmet Tuscan meals included, created by our beloved cook,
Christina.. Visits to Pisa, Florence, Siena and more as well as learning
how to handle large clay pieces, experiment with a variety finishes,
plan layouts, and use clay that actually softens your hands.
Ciao and hasta la vista, brazos, drastoitdya (phonetic since I am not
using Cyrillic font)
Marcia in Montana

Marcia Selsor

Pam Pasko on sat 12 jan 02

To anyone who may be considering going on Marcia Selsors workshop in Italy I
can highly recommend it! I attended it this past October and had a
wonderful time. Marcia is a great teacher who can put together both a
ceramic learning and travel experience. Pietro is a wonderful host and the
meals were the best I had in Italy.
I wish I could go again.
Pam Pasko