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updated sun 13 jan 02


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on sat 12 jan 02

Hey folks, just a reminder that there's a listserver specifically for potters looking to buy, sell, swap, trade equipment (or pots, or non-pottery related stuff.)
We have a couple hundred members, but the list is very low volume -- maybe one to three posts a week. Right now there is someone offering a spinning wheel and someone offering extruders.

It's OK to buy/sell on the list, as long as any money transactions take place off list.

If you want to join, go to Check out the first few posts in the archives for "how to" instructions, then skim through the posts from the last few months and find out who is offering quality tools, who is collecting vintage clothes, and see some amazing "free to whoever wants to come pick it up" deals you missed out on. ;0)

POTTERBARTER IS NOT A DISCUSSION LIST! We at clayart have enough reading to do! It's just like the classified ads. If you want to join and can't figure it out, email me (Kelly) at

thanks... Kelly (in Ohio, where it was windy and clear and cold today, and I dragged out our 5 featherbeds, 5 down duvets and endless pillows into the sunshine to air... the kind of "visible housekeeping" so out of fashion with my less countrified neighbors... it's a long way from spring, but MY HENS ARE LAYING AGAIN! They know when the days start getting longer... )

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