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nceca and large events

updated sat 12 jan 02


Bill Edwards on fri 11 jan 02


Large group events are always the hardest to produce
most times and especially those where the group is
divided and comes together from various locations to
enjoy the function.
If such an event as NCECA were held in surroundings
such as college arena's and dorm style they most
likely would be more issues than answers there as
In providing the most consistent level for such a
diverse group, holding NCECA events and other large
clay oriented events most likely are served best by
finding the proper large scale setting with amenities
for the majority of visitors. A relaxed place to throw
you cap when the day is through and a good place to
have breakfast prior to starting the day is always a
welcome addition to any lenghty conference.
I would have to assume that the bars and other places
to relax and talk are important as well!
For many of the smaller conferences the colleges and
dorms might be a great answer. My experience in other
huge conferences have proven to me that it is vital to
have events such as NCECA where as many creature
comforts possible are availble. I used to have to go
to huge vendor conferences with my family and then
latter on in regards to my own business. It was always
a love/hate experience since I had to work but the
larger arenas for these events did lend the proper
dress for the function so to speak. Voicing opinions
is also ways to help any large organization hone and
fine tune the next event. So making it a point to
discuss the high-lights and other things that
contribute to a successful event is more times than
not welcomed by those who work so hard carrying out
the mission. Check out NCECA's web site and look
around for additional information.

William Edwards
Tallapoosa River Pottery

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