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slip vs engobe

updated tue 15 jan 02


Martin Rice on mon 14 jan 02


I just joined this list today and am a rank beginner. I live in the =
jungle in Costa Rica and am going to have to be completely self taught. =
I just bought an ancient kick-wheel in San Jos=E9 where the only kind of =
wheel and kiln one can buy is used (it would cost way too much for me to =
import them) and I used it for the first time just a little while ago.

I'm more than willing to pay my dues while learning -- I always have. So =
I'll keep consulting the books I've bought and plug ahead.

My immediate question, however, has to do with slip and engobe. The =
books I'm reading are in Spanish and, although I'm a linguist by trade, =
I've only been working with Spanish for about a year. I thought that I =
had it all figured out: slip in English =3D engobe in Spanish. Then, =
today looking at some material on the web, I saw both slip and engobe =
referred to on an English language site.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain the difference between =
them and their respective purposes for me.

Thanks so much,